VBay Global Eco Trading

VBay Global Eco Trading

VBay Global Eco Trading platform was developed as a result of the vegan movement, the issues around climatic change, animal welfare, sustainable living and the pharma industry.

A Handshake On The Future

A Global Eco Trading Community

Many passionate Eco Trading business owners are struggling to keep afloat in a time where we should be coming together as a community to grow into a global force.

Because we know better.

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, these small to medium business owners have realized that it is time to market their products and services online, but lose visibility by standing alone.

The cost of marketing and advertising, building a fully functional ecommerce website is far out of reach of many of them.

Shaking Hands

This, in a time where we should be joining hands to create one online portal in the eco niche, offering platforms and technology that is possible.
The creators of VBay Global eco trading has in their vision, exactly this.

What is The VBay Eco Trading Platform?

  • VBay is a location-based, mobile-ready, comprehensive sales and marketing platform that gives consumers & merchants a convenient way to trade online, local at first, expanding globally.
  • Much like our competitors who have built their brands, VBay aims to offer all the role players the opportunity to invest in their own brand, helping them scale as they reach higher. 
  • It offers one collaborated, cost-effective solution, helping small businesses grow, gain traction globally in the eco friendly target market and compete against the national giants.
  • VBay is ideal for small eco friendly businesses who have yet to take their marketing efforts online without losing profits.
  • It is ideal for the shop owner or restaurant who need to sustain figures to produce plant-based products and menus.
  • It connects the eco buyer and seller.
  • The technology is endless in its potential to help the small business owner connect with its client.
  • For the clients using the platform, the searchbar will connect you with your product or service, right in your area.
  • Never to be left without your favorite eco friendly products again!
  • The merchant benefits emensely from your support, either online, or instore.
  • They now how a sustainable clientelle and everybody knows where to find their products.

It’s a handshake on the future.

Our Solution Gives Merchants & Eco Friendly Suppliers An E-Commerce Marketplace, without the COSTS associated!

A fair 6% flat rate commission on sales  = Your only costs ever. 

Included are the following:

  • A fully functional E-commerce Trading Portal inside the Eco Trading Platform. 
  • Connectivity directly to consumers, suppliers and services in their target market.
  • No additional lay-out costs toward a website, advertising and maintenance.
  • Social Media Integration..
  • Specific geo-location.
  • Coupon system & loyalty awards systems to keep customers coming back.

For Eco Suppliers 

  • Use our trading portal to promote your eco products & services to the right market.
  • Save radically on marketing budgets.
  • Run promotional banners.
  • Build a strong online presence with online ordering and delivery options.
  • Keep track of every transaction.
  • Benefit from higher sales traffic.
  • Your online store to your target audience.

Explore The Merchants

Our growth is driven by our community and dedicated to making an impact. Join us in driving change!

VBay Global Technology

The technology VBay Global Eco Trading Platform offers, is the most up to date in the online arena.
VBay offers its clients a global trading marketplace so your products are visible around the globe.

VBay offers geolocation technology so that clients search results will show the sellers products in their area.

VBay Global Eco Trading Platform offers traders delivery options.

Eco trading is a secure ecommerce platform, where payments can be done between buyer and seller in a number of currencies.

VBay offers sellers and service providers a fully functional trading shopfront inside the platform where potential buyers can view, compare and purchase their product or services.

Supporting NPO’s

VBay supports, and donates to registered NPO’s in the vegan and animal welfare industries.

What Does It Cost To Open A VBay Eco Trading Shop?

Vbay Global is, and always will be free to sign up.

There are no monthly subscriptions or joining fees.

You are able to build your store and sell your goods with state of the art technology, safely and efficiently to your target markets.

A Fair & Competitive Sales Tax

To support the development and technology we offer, sellers agree to an 6% fee on sales generated.

If you don’t make a sale, you don’t pay anything. If you sell, you will always pay only 6%, however much your sales grow to.

Compared to the cost of having a website developed and maintained, it is easy to understand why a 6% commission on actual sales is a far better option for the small business trying to find traction in a competitive market.

A Global Movement

This platforms allows the eco friendly communities and its customers, to find each other.

A better shot at becoming a global movement of likeminded individuals, seeing the sense of why we are passionate about saving our planet

Whether that reason is personal health, animal welfare, the climate debate, VBay connects them all in one, simple, free marketplace.

It is only in joining, that we will be seen.

VBay shop owners manage their own portals, without the heafty innitial costs of building an ecommerce website, which gets little to no traction, as it stands alone against its bigger competitors.

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