Learn About VBay Global Eco Trading

Learn About VBay Global Eco Trading

“It took a cultivated understanding of the plant-based community, to produce the VBay Global Plant-Based Trading Platform.

Our Story

For a long time, I have felt the need for connection between like-minded people on a deeper level.

I simply wished every individual could understand the pressing concerns that motivate the global eco trading way forward, and that the word “vegan” or “plant-based” would not be used as the next fashion flash.

I knew that talk of change was wonderful, but not enough.

Veganism and all related sub categories had an uphill climb in product development and establishing themselves.

With small global eco trading businesses suffering by the hand of the 2020 Covid-19 outbreak, those in plant-based markets had to hold on to their jobs with such force, because the only motivation that remained, was the love for their cause.

Products disappeared from shelves and the already small selections were becoming hard to find.

Many newcomers to the market simply had no chance.  

You have heard all the stories.. Everyone took to new opportunities to generate income, and realised again, the importance of nurturing this earth, ouselves, and those who will follow us. 

Despite the challenges, we plant-based people are stubborn when it comes to our values! We persist! We understand the strength of what drives us!

It is this simple thought that sparked the idea for VBay Global Eco Trading

Competing with the Global Eco Trading Leaders

It bothered me enough that I researched for some time, the availability of products, and soon knew that we have a slim chance of breaking through the markets on our own, to be able to compete with global leaders in other industries, a necessary step to reduce our impact on the environment, the animals and many other issues.

Vice Versa too. I watched as small plant-based businesses were forced to shut their doors.

I watched as the community media platforms, filled up with products made from home.

The most asked question on plant-based groups: “Where can I find…” It is clear that the plant-based community needed this connectivity, the cry was loud but not heard. 

I felt for the animals which landed in shelters.

I felt for the lady in the kitchen, who keeps going for her children.

I felt for all of life itself.

A Global Eco Trading Platform

I don’t think it can ever be more clear than now, that the global eco trading community needs to be able to shake hands in their own niche, in one online portal.

Driving the cause

In order to drive the global cause of eco friendly people, we would need to make a significantly harder attempt at establishing ourselves in the marketplace.

This will have a ripple effect into the agricultural and environmental arenas.

This becomes a social demand, and this demand addresses directly, all the relevant global issues.

Now we are moving in the right direction.

We are able to buy and sell and render services in the right niche, in the right area.

Eco friendly products become accessable rom our network of global eco trading merchants

Needs in the market are identified, the supplier becomes aware, the buyer gets “nooch” fresh! 

That addressed one problem, we can trade, but can we offer technology that will also address the high cost for small business set-ups.

This would be key to the success of the small start-up. I am so grateful to the developers and my husband, Colin Tandy, who works tirelessly for you.

He picked up my dreams and is running with it.

Our Vision

  • VBay offers at the fraction of traditional cost, all the latest technology to promote a sustainable trade platform for all global eco trading friendly communities and contributors.
  • From creating a personalised online store, equiped with geo-locators, payment and delivery options, and a healthy focus on environmental support structures, this comes as a first to the eco friendly community.
  • We identified the need for one online trading platform from extensive market and product availability research.
  • VBay’s vision is to create a more sustainable way of living, where global issues such as climate change, plant-based lifestyles, animal welfare and activism all come together in strengthening the heartfelt cause.
  • Driving the absolute necessity we all face towards change.
  • This platform enables people to find solutions to these pressing questions.
  • It is a fully functional e-commerce platform where business and trade can flow with ease, made accessible in all the aspects that an average website cannot compare with in their standard set-up and marketing cost.
  • The VBay platform invisions a future where the plant-based community have their own portal of trade and services, driving it towards a future where the talk of the last 30 years can finally start making impactful global change.
  • The need to address these issues are strongly underlined through the use of this platform, hence the developer team had it as their firts priority to make it affordable, but fully functional to its users.

Our Mission

  • To provide a global eco trading platform, which addresses pressing global environmental issues.
  • To enable the eco community to unify online, exposing them to their target market.
  • To create an interactive environment through state-of-the-art technology, to raise the small business owner into a profitable organization, able to sell and compete with other traders and markets.
  • To support NPO’s by funding them through the sales commissions generated by the VBay platform.
  • To encourage serious investors to put their weight behind these global concerns.
  • To reduce the cost of online marketing for our users with one single, all inclusive platform built for the plant-based industry.
  • To offer a portal which will lift the small business owner, connect them with their target audiences.
  • To offer accessibility to the consumer looking for plant-based alternatives, enabling change.
  • To lead the global eco trading community into a new landscape of buying and selling, where it is not only the human who benefits.

It is our utmost desire for you to succeed.

It is our passion to support this earth, and all those who believe it is possible, like we do.

As I welcome you to  VBay Global Eco Trading Market , the technology and possibilities of this platform will leave you speechless.

We are happy to offer VBay portals at affordable rates. If we can grow it together, we have a little grip on the future of plant-based.

If we can do that, we have a larger grip on the real issues, deforestation, animal welfare, our oceans, slaughterhouses. We pave the way for our activists, we create jobs, we become sustainable in our own lives, we become the change everyone has been talking about.

Supporting NPO’s

For our most appreciated NPO’s, we are proud to support you.

The Vbay global plant-based trading platform will donate 10% of all its commissions to these organisations.

This is made possible by the trading abillity of the platform.

We will always onboard the NPO free of charge, there will never be any subscription fees or commissions paid by them, we are here to support them. Sign up today if you are a registered NPO in support of the environmental causes. We Trade – We Build – We Rebuild.

“The greatest convenience for the plant-based community”.

Join us in driving change!

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