Climate change
Everyone’s Responsibility

Everyone’s Responsibility

Individual Responsibility Is Essential to Solving the Climate Crisis!

Right now, your fundamental responsibility is to stay alive and to keep everybody around you, especially those who are vulnerable, alive.

Individual Responsibility Is Essential

We have to pass this test!!

This will only happen out of responsible action.

Taking responsibility puts you at choice and that allows you to choose how to respond to life’s challenges.

You move into the driver seat of your life’s journey.

Most of all, taking 100% responsibility changes your energy and the practices described here put you in higher vibrating mind-body states.

Take the first steps with our global community

Your Actions Matter

Because When you choose to eat less meat or take the bus instead of driving or have fewer children, you are making a statement that your actions matter, that it’s not too late to avert climate catastrophe, that you have power.

To take a measure of personal responsibility for climate change doesn’t have to distract from your political activism—if anything, it amplifies it.

When we take personal responsibility for our actions, we deepen our commitment to environmental sustainability.

Living in accord with one’s political vision is a way of laying the foundations for the world we want to see

To engage in a kind of  “prefigurative politics” that makes the future into the now. 


Animal agriculture, especially cattle production, is among the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions.

Even if all the fossil fuel executives were held guilty of fraud and negligence tomorrow and their companies’ profits poured into a sweeping energy transition, we would still need to shift away from meat-heavy diets.

“If we don’t reduce emissions from agriculture, we’re not going to be able to hit climate targets even if we get it exactly right on fossil fuels

Changing Diets Is Tough

The story of beef-eating is important because, for many of us, changing our diets can be incredibly tough. Taking charge of this is a personal responsibility.

To make a shift in our food choices (especially later in life) requires one to go against the currents of culture, tradition, habit, and appetite.

Wanda will teach you how to change your habits one doable step at a time, and she will work with you to help you stay motivated and achieve your goals

Book a 1hour Plant-Based 🌿 Nutritional Consultation

Balance human Appetites

The other changes that will eventually be required to balance human appetites against the health of the planet may be even tougher.

Taking the bus can be a pain. Skipping the beach vacation for climate reasons? That can feel like a real sacrifice (first-world problem though it is).

Having one fewer child? For many people, that’s taking things too far. 

So maybe we can agree, as a movement, to stop rhetorically putting personal action and collective action in opposition to each other as if there were some kind of activism zero-sum game.

Agency and action matter regardless of what forms they take.

Vbay Global

shake hands

VBay’s vision is to create a more sustainable way of living, where global issues such as climate change, plant-based lifestyles, animal welfare and activism all come together in strengthening the heartfelt cause.

Driving the absolute necessity we all face towards change.

This platform enables people to find solutions to these pressing questions.

It is a fully functional e-commerce platform where business and trade can flow with ease, made accessible in all the aspects that an average website cannot compare with in their standard set-up and marketing cost.

The VBay platform invisions a future where the plant-based community have their own portal of trade and services, driving it towards a future where the talk of the last 30 years can finally start making impactful global change.

The need to address these issues are strongly underlined through the use of this platform, hence the developer team had it as their firts priority to make it affordable, but fully functional to its users.

 Our Mission

To provide a plant-based global trade platform which adresses pressing global environmental issues.

To enable the plant-based community to unify online, exposing them to their target market.

To create an interactive environment through state-of-the-art technology to raise the small business owner into a profitable organisation, able to sell and compete with other traders and customers.

To support NPO’s by funding them through the sales generated from the VBay platform.

To encourage serious investors to put their weight behind the global concerns.

To reduce the cost of online marketing and sales through a combined effort of increased awareness, convenience and product availability.

To offer a portal which will lift the small business owner and aid in resstoring healthy lifestyles, and a healthy plant-based economy.

To offer accessibility to the consumer looking for plant-based alternatives, enabling change.

Ultimately, how, when, where, and in what form to act is up to you.

The most important thing is simply to act. Don’t let anyone tell you differently that is an individual responsibility to act

Vbay Global…. Be the change!

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