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A Global Invitation To Make Change


VBay Global Invites YOU to share in the opportunity.

VBay Global Plant-Based Trading invitation
Plant-Based Trading

An Invitation To Make Change

Every now and again, a concept, an idea, changes the world, and the way people think.

They are rare in their substance, but immediately resonates with those people who are switched on and driving change.

For the Plant-Based community, the determining factors have been strong. Animal welfare, climate change, personal health and a myriad of equally important reasons.

They just haven’t been able to shake hands as one, strong community yet, until today..

A Global Community

With JOINT EFFORT, the Global Plant-Based community can now unite on ONE platform, masterfully developed  for them, in support of all the causes we stand for. 

In order to make a global impact, we have created the VBay platform to assist not only one another, but the animals, the planet, the children of the future and the current state of affairs in global economics.

Through the development of this platform, we kept in mind the challenges of plant-based buyers and sellers, product availability and standards, the state of world economies,  the changing face of employment and the difficulties of working online at a profitable margin.

“We kept it simple, effective, transparent, able to cater for any size of business, with futuristic applications and state-of-art technology at a fraction of traditional cost.

Why Join Us

Because there are no problems, only interesting questions waiting to be answered. Change has been spoken about, activated, tried, presented. THIS IS CHANGE IN ACTION. And of course, we think THE WORLD of YOU.

VBay offers an expansive platform, giving the Plant-Based Movement all the tools they need to succeed.

It is our utmost desire for you to succeed.

It is our passion to support this earth, and all those who believe it is possible, like we do.

As I welcome you to  VBay Global Plant-Based Trading Market , the technology and possibilities of this platform will leave you speechless.  

We are happy to offer VBay portals at affordable rates. If we can grow it together, we have a little grip on the future of plant-based.

If we can do that, we have a larger grip on the real issues, deforestation, animal welfare, our oceans, slaughterhouses. We pave the way for our activists, we create jobs, we become sustainable in our own lives, we become the change everyone has been talking about.

Supporting NPO’s

For our most appreciated NPO’s, we are proud to support you.

The Vbay global plant-based trading platform will donate 10% of all its commissions to these organisations.

This is made possible by the trading abillity of the platform.

We will always onboard the NPO free of charge, there will never be any subscription fees or commissions paid by them, we are here to support them. Sign up today if you are a registered NPO in support of the environmental causes. We Trade – We Build – We Rebuild.

“The greatest convenience for the plant-based community”.

VBay.. Actioning Change.

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